Milos Teodosic 13 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (1/2/2018)

I want to apologize to the people of Serbia. There have been previous occasions where I should have made a highlight video for Milos Teodosic, yet I did not. I have failed you, Serbs. In my penance, I will provide the full, shameful list of ignored highlight videos:

December 16, 2017: 13 points, 5 assists
December 26, 2017: 8 points, 10 assists
December 29, 2017: 11 points, 7 assists

As you can see, my failures are threefold. I was blinded by Teodosic’s low point totals, as well as his inefficiency from the field, and failed to recognize the significance of his overall performance. Even though I expect him to improve on those numbers as the season go on, it is also important to chronicle the first games of his career; they are noteworthy despite the seemingly low numbers.

I can only hope that Serbs are gracious enough to accept my apology.

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