Justin Holiday 26 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/3/2018)

The three-chuckingest part of Justin Holiday’s season is gone now. It’s sad to see, him not shooting hundreds of threes per 36, but the moderation of his attempts has directly corresponded with the Bulls winning games. We’ve all learned a valuable leason here: sometimes more threes doesn’t mean more wins.

Even if he isn’t launching threes at a historic rate anymore, he’s still averaging a bit over 13 a game, which is crazy to me. I remember when this guy was a scrub who couldn’t get minutes on a blatantly tanking (actually I just looked it up he was there the year before they started blatantly tanking my bad) Philly squad. Now he’s averaging 13 for a team that sometimes wins games? I never thought this was possible. That’s what I thought about a lot of things this season, and it’s so sweet that I keep getting proven wrong

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