Patty Mills 26 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2017)

Patty Mills was legitimately the second scoring option in the lineup that the Spurs trotted out last night. Kawhi didn’t play, and Pau Gasol is suffering from a serious case of the olds (0-of-4 in twelve minutes), so Mills is only behind Aldridge in terms of scoring potency. Those are the kinds of situations where Mills thrives, because he can shoot a lot of shots without worrying about normal point guard things like assists (he had just one of those, which is fine by me because assists make me hate my life).

I have to give credit to the Spurs commentary crew on this one. They weren’t over the top with their use of Australian slang. Maybe it’s because they were getting beat by a mediocre 76ers team, but they only said “G’day Mate!” one time and I didn’t hear any “Good on ya, Patty”s at all. Some commentary crews can make their lame catchphrases seem cool in their lameness, but the Spurs dudes are just terminally lame all the time.

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