Spencer Dinwiddie Career High 26 Points/9 Assists/1 Game-Winner Full Highlights (1/3/2018)

Out of all three of Spencer “Din-Dins” Dinwiddie’s career-high games (seriously, would it be so hard to score one more point?), this is the only one where the Nets won the game. And the win was directly caused by Din-Din’s heroic leaning jumpshot with ten seconds left right in the grill of Taj Gibson. I don’t quite know how win-shares work as a statistic, but Dinwiddie should get exactly one (1) win-share for this game tonight, because without him, the Nets lose. Simple as that. His teammates can all have fractions of win-shares (except Milton Doyle who didn’t play), but Din-Dins gets a whole one.

While we’re talking about game-winners, I really disagree with the idea that a shot made with ten seconds left can be a game-winner. Since the opposing team has plenty of time to get another shot off, I would prefer the nomenclature “clutch late-game shot”. However, such a long term would clutter up the title of the video and not drive as many clicks as saying game-winner, so I capitulated to the desires of the unwashed, imbecilic masses and used “game-winner” instead.

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