Terry Rozier 20 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2018)

So maybe DownToBuck was wrong this one time. After his rather disastrous rookie season, and an improved but still not overly impressive second season, I didn’t have high hopes for Terry “Midget Shooting Guard Who Can’t Shoot” Rozier going into his third season. But he proved me wrong and improved his three-point shooting to a cool 38%. I’m fully aware that shooting skills are among the easiest to improve, but a lot of college sharpshooters just never find the touch in the NBA, and they wash out before they’re given a second or third chance (I’m still mad that Doron Lamb didn’t pan out, god damn it).

So, Celtics fans can feel free to rub my face in it all they want. Terry Rozier was just one of the primary factors in a Celtics win over the Cavs, he outplayed Isaiah Thomas (who didn’t even suit up, LOL [lots of laughs]), and he might even be an important part of the team going forward. Sigh. Maybe he’ll have a twenty-game stretch where he averages 5 PPG on 30% shooting and I can be right again, but I’m not holding my breath.

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