Jonas Valanciunas 20 Points/1 Quarter Full Highlights (1/5/2018)

Making this video caused me severe anguish. I already watched Jonas Valanciunas dominate the Bucks’ collection of scrubigs (that’s scrub bigs for you foreigners out there) to the tune of 20 points in one frickin’ quarter. It was bad live, but it was even worse having to watch it closely enough to edit together this vid.

Objectively, it was a great performance by Valanciunas, but I do have to take issue with the flexing. There is nothing impressive about overpowering spaghetti-arms John Henson or stereotypically emaciated African Thon Maker. When I go to the local elementary school to play pickup with the 3rd graders, do I strut around showing off my muscles every time I dunk all over them on their little 9-foot rim? I mean, I do, but I shouldn’t. A true sportsman would let his dominance speak for itself.

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