Manu Ginobili 21 Points Full Highlights (1/5/2018)

Manu Ginobili refuses to be claimed by Father Time. He just keeps going. I’ve been watching Jason Terry slowly lug his useless corpse around the court for the Bucks, and it amazes me how much sprier Ginobili looks. He’s lost a step or two or five, but he can still get it done to a limited extent out there. If he could hit the three like he usually does, he’d be hardly different from the Ginobili of the last few season. He made the right choice by not retiring.

Of course, at this stage in his career, things can go south (get it???? because he’s from SOUTH America and that’s where he’d go if he retired!!!! LMAO) in a hurry. One misstep, one twisted ankle, boom, that’s it, the end of a long and storied career. Even a nagging injury that takes away the last bit of speed he has left would spell the end for him.

What I’m saying is, like with Vince Carter, don’t take this for granted.

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