Domantas Sabonis 22 Points Full Highlights (1/6/2018)

Sometimes when I watch Domantas Sabonis videos/compile Domantas Sabonis videos/think about Domantas Sabonis at all I get sad that Donatas Motiejunas is no longer with us. It’s not fair to Sabonis to think that, but it’s what I feel. There are holes in my heart that simply cannot be filled without copious dipsy-doo post moves resulting in hook shots. Sabonis sometimes does stuff like that, but it’s not even close to the same.

Less often I think about how we’re never going to see Linas Kleiza again, but that fact doesn’t make me as sad as the other one.

Despite not being Motiejunas, Sabonis had a great outing in his own right, scoring 22 right after scoring 24 the game before. Has he turned the corner? Is he going to be a consistent 15 ppg scorer from now onw? Do I wish that he would do a few more rotations around his pivot foot before launching a smooth hook with either hand?

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