T.J. Leaf 15 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (1/6/2018)

T.J. Leaf scored 17 in the second game of the season, a performance which turned out to do nothing but set me up for a season of disappointment. His playing time since then has dwindled and dwindled, further and further into the abyss of scrubenchell (scrub bench hell, it’s a new term I came up with to describe marginal players who don’t even get a chance to prove that they suck). Recently, he’s been not appearing in games at all or playing single digit minutes.

I would like to remind all viewers that he is shooting about 50 percent from three this season.

I don’t know if his lack of minutes is justified. It probably is, to an extent. Just look at him. He looks like the kind of guy who would have major flaws in his game that make him difficult to find minutes for. But tonight, with the Pacers taking a mondo dump on the Bulls, he got plenty of pressure-free playing time with which to show his endowments. Those endowments being three-ball shooting, rebounding, and posterizing Germans.

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