Trey Lyles 19 Points Full Highlights (1/6/2018)

Just as I was about to start typing up this description my little furry kitty jumped up into my lap and started purring like a lawnmower. I’m super distracted right now, so if things are making less sense than usual, it’s because a full two-thirds of my processing power is devoted to giving Japurri Purrker little ear scritchies.

Trey Lyles is one of the better bench scorers in the league the last few weeks. That’s great, except Lou Williams is making a mockery of the sixth man concept by continuing to not start despite being the best scorer on that Clippers team. Lyles is never gonna win the 6MOTY award if that guy keeps scoring 25 off the bench.

So I propose a new award: 6MOTYWIRABPAAIAMC, or Sixth Man of the Year Who Is Really A Bench Player and Also Isn’t a Midget Chucker. Award. I’m tired of these midget chuckers chucking their way to the award while players like Lyles get no recognition.

Unlike the last time I made an award, I’m going to let the NBA handle the distribution of this one.

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