Donovan Mitchell 27 Points Full Highlights (1/7/2018)

27 points on 25 shots for Donovan “Prince of ‘hell” Mitchell. Purists may chafe at the the inefficiency, but I figure if your point total is more than your shots total, you’re all good. Especially if you played before the three-point line was introduced. That’s not Mitchell, but it’s still all good.

All good except for his game-winning shot attempt that clanked off as time expired. I was actually impressed he got a decent shot up that at least had a chance of going in. They didn’t do him any favors by making him get the ball all the way in the backcourt with five seconds left. If he had hit it, we’d be seeing dramatic replays for approximately the next thousand years, but instead all you get is this distilled video of him scoring 27 points with not even a single buzzer beater.

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