Bobby Portis 22 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2018)

Bobby Portis must have taken some notes from Nikola Mirotic before tonight’s game: when in doubt, shoot the ball, and when not in doubt, shoot the ball also because who knows if your teammates are going to pass it back to you?

Alternatively, he could have taken notes from my friend Dylan who never stops chucking when we play pickup. If you’re reading this, Dylan, please stop shooting the ball because your form looks like Shawn Marion and goes in about a quarter as often. I’m embarrassed for you, man. I really am. Also please put on some deodorant you smell like liquefied assholes.

Portis came out shooting tonight, attempting to put the team on his back. It worked, kind of, except that the Bulls lost and he only ended up taking 17 shots. If he really wants to be like Mirotic, he has to start taking a lot more threes. Like double-digit attempts. He can make them, so I don’t see why he’s not doing it.

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