Davis Bertans Career High 28 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/8/2018)

Even the Spurs commentators agree with me (and probably with you as well, since you’re watching this video): Davis “Bobblehead” Bertans needs more touches, more playing time, more everything. When even the homer commentators are begging for a player to get more minutes, you know it’s true. It’s one thing for me (who has a noted preference for Euro players) to advocate on his behalf. These dudes influence the minds of all the TV-watchers at home. They wield untold power, and, in this case, they are using that power wisely.

Examples of them using that power unwisely include the time they said the phrase “smooth and chocolatey” in reference to Brandon Paul half a dozen times in a single broadcast.

Now, after this unexpected-but-also-expected 28-point 6-three extravaganza, even Popovich will be forced to see the truth: he has egregiously misused and marginalized Davis Bertans, and to make right those awful wrongs, he must now play him 30 minutes a game at a minimum. 30 minutes with all the ball he can handle.

Even the tightest fetters can no longer constrain the Latvian Laser. This performance happened while he was still being held down. What madness can we expect from him now that he is a free man? 30 points? 40 points? 14 threes, breaking the NBA record? It is not for us mortals to know. All we can do is wait… and watch.

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