Gary Harris 22 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2018)

Aside from that pair of 36-point games, Gary Harris hasn’t really been scoring bucketloads of buckets this season. He’s really good at getting 20 points or so, but 25? Forget about it. I said before the season that if he wasn’t scoring 24 or more, I wasn’t doing a vid. I have broken that promise to myself many times, because if I didn’t, there wouldn’t be any sweet 2017-18 Harris vids on my channel except for three.

I blame his lack of free-throw shooting. He actually gets buckets really well, but he never goes to the line. He’s the Nuggets’ leading scorer, but he’s fifth on the team in foul shots, and he’s not too far off from tenth. Emmanual Mudiay has almost the same amount of attempts in half the minutes. So does Trey Lyles. I feel like I’ve discovered some hidden secret in a temple in the middle of Central American rainforest: Harris would be an unquestioned beast if he could learn to draw some contact once in a while.

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