Jonas Valanciunas 21 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2018)

The 20 and 10 game. The hallmark of a good performance by a center in the NBA. The best among them average that during a whole season. Jonas Valanciunas does not get the opportunity to average that much. Unless you use the 20 minutes he plays per night and the 10 fingers Dwane Casey uses to slap him in the face every chance he gets.

I don’t even know which side I’m on anymore. The Raptors are doing really good with him playing sparingly, but he puts up such good stats that it’s hard to believe he’s a negative on the court. I just don’t know. How do people figure stuff like this out. Is Valanciunas good or is he non-good? I need Zach Lowe to tell me an opinion on this matter.

Valanciunas, to his credit, attempted to win back some favor of the coaching staff by adding a three-point shot this offseason. He’s not Brook-Lopezing it out there, he’s not shooting very many at all, but it’s there. He hit one tonight, his 6th of the season, on his way to his second straight 20-10 game. Too bad he sucks so bad that they can’t play him more, though.

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