Trey Lyles 21 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2018)

A Paul Millsap trade has gotta be in the works, right? I’m trying not to overreact to Trey Lyles’ emergence as a potent scoring force at the power forward position, but I can’t really stop myself once I get going. The thing is, Millsap’s on the wrong side of thirty (32 to be exact), he’s injured, and he’s getting paid thirty million dollars this year and next year. Throw in the fact that other teams KNOW that the Nuggets are in a tough position with this PF logjam (don’t forget about Faried), and Millsap might prove difficult to move. The Nuggets have placed their own balls into the vice and are inviting other teams to turn the crank.

Just about the only option I see for them is for one of the lower-ranking front-office people to invite Millsap into a conference room for a meeting, then ambush him and tie him to the conference table, then chop off his hand and say that he aggravated his wrist injury. Then they could get some kind of insurance payout or injury exception that lets them get rid of Millsap without worrying about how to unload him onto some unsuspecting team.

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