De’Aaron Fox 15 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2018)

OFFICIAL DTB DISCLAIMER: De’Aaron Fox took sixteen shots to score fifteen points. That’s the thirteenth time this season that he’s had more field goal attempts than points.

However, it’s unwise to dwell on that point because Fox is a skinny, short rookie (skinny short rookies often can’t deal with all the contact they get at the rim) and because the Kings don’t have enough real talent on their roster to force Fox to shoot fewer (but better) shots.

The good news from this game is that Fox was 3-of-5 from Planet Three-Pointer in the Splash Galaxy, and his lowish volume on three-pointers thus far means that his good shooting performance dragged his 3P% above 30%. If you’ll remember from past descriptions, I consider dipping below the 30% line to be the point where you just stop shooting threes altogether. Fox is now OFFICIALLY allowed to shoot threes again. I don’t think NBA players often listen to my advice on when they should and shouldn’t shoot three-pointers, but they ignore me at their own peril.

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