Jusuf Nurkic 20 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2018)

Efficiency isn’t everything in the NBA, but it is something, and Jusuf Nurkic is one of the least efficient centers in the league. He’s still a good player, but think about how much better he would be if he shot a league-average percentage for a bigman! To help him out, I’ve devised a five-step path to efficiency for him:

Step 1: Make sure you can see the rim when shooting out of the post. Don’t just fling it up there blindly.
Step 2: Actually, just cut down on the post play. Even the best players aren’t efficient with it.
Step 3: Work on that vertical leap, and then lob dunk it all the time like DeAndre Jordan! Simple!
Step 4: Run pick-and-rolls with Damian Lillard until your or his arms fall off. This works best against the Timberwolves. Contact the league office to see if you can play them more often.
Step 6: The last step was actually two steps, my bad.
Step 7: I know I said five steps, but I’m not done yet. Something about jumpers! Shoot more of them if they’re going to go in, and don’t shoot them if they’re not.
Step 8:???????
Step 9: Efficiency achieved!

There you have it! As I said, simple, he should be able to implement this program in a few practice sessions and become a hyper-efficient bigman in no time!

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