Bismack Biyombo 14 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (1/10/2018)

Bismack Biyombo is getting paid 17 million dollars this year to average 5/5/0/0/1. Next year he’ll also be getting paid 17 million dollars. The year after that, he has a player option, which means that he’ll be getting paid another 17 million dollars, unless his agent advises him that he can get a max contract somewhere else (sorry Nerlens).

It’s not Biyombo’s fault that the Magic wrote up this awful contract for him to sign. He balled out at exactly the right moment (a high-profile playoff series) and is reaping the rewards. I mean, he can still be a productive player in the right circumstances. He’s only 25, so he could get better, and his per-36 scoring is at its highest ever at 10.3 PTS/36. But he would have to improve at an unprecedented rate, like pull a Whiteside out of thin air, for him to get even close to the value that his contract implies he has.

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