Dwight Buycks 17 Points Full Highlights (1/10/2018)

Pistons commentator Special K (I don’t remember his real name and looking it up in Google would mean switching browser tabs, which I’m too lazy to do) echoed my thoughts exactly after Dwight Buycks made a three-pointer to bring his total up to seventeen in the game: Buycks is in the league for good now. He has shown enough with the Pistons as a third-stringer-turned-backup that future contracts for him seem almost a certainty. He might never get the minutes he’s getting now, but he’s shown that he can be a decent scorer.

Peep these totals from the last five games: 14, 9, 16, 10, 17. Those are legit numbers, especially when you only get twenty minutes of court time to accumulate them. There’s no team in the league that wouldn’t want that out of their backup PG. Malcolm Brogdon puts up numbers like that and everybody thinks he’s the best, well, Buycks is doing the same damn thing.

If this dude wasn’t 28 years old and had more in the way of “potential”, I would currently be in the process of changing my channel name to DownToBuyck. Instead, I came up with a hashtag: #dwightbuycksisalegitbackuppg

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