JaMychal Green 20 Points Full Highlights (1/10/2018)

JaMychal Green is the perfect player for the gritty, hard-nosed culture that the Grizzlies have built for the past decade or so. He rebounds, he hustles, he gets layups (LAME-ups), he probably plays defense, and he doesn’t complain about touches like some kind of diva bitch. Theoretically, Grizzlies fans love him. They might not watch his highlight videos, because they’re just straight up not as entertaining as highlight videos for other players, but they love him.

The thing is, I bet they would love him MORE if the Grizzlies just got rid of all their slow/defensive-minded players and just runned and gunned all day. The Grizzlies have the slowest pace in the league, plus they just suck all-around anyway, so there’s no way the fans wouldn’t prefer something more exciting. JaMychal has shown that he is a capable jumpshooter, plus he’s pretty athletic and is good for some highlight dunks every once in a while, so you can keep him. Keep Mike Conley too. Resign Tyreke and hope this year wasn’t just a contract-year stat-stuffing adventure. Ditch Gasol and stretch Parsons. Then fill up the rest of the roster with exciting dudes even if they aren’t very good, then you can win the same amount of games but be way more entertaining while doing it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve got this GM’ing stuff down to a science. I sometimes wonder why I never get calls inquiring about my GM services.

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