Bryn Forbes 18 Points Full Highlights (1/11/2018)

When I think of Bryn “Brynk of Insanity” Forbes, my mind immediately jumps to the other Forbes that I remember being in the NBA (and, as it turns out, the only other Forbes to ever suit up for an NBA team), the immortal Gary Forbes.

And once I think of Gary Forbes, I start thinking about Gary Neal, but then I stop thinking about that dude because I just get angry every time I do.

Gary Forbes only had a two-year career (one year each for the Nuggets and Raptors), even though his stats make him look like he was a serviceable shooting guard. Bryn Forbes is on his second year now, and he too is a serviceable shooting guard, but it’s likely that he gets another deal after this season, and if he does, he’ll have beaten his nemesis Gary in terms of NBA longevity.

Bryn also has a higher career high (27) than Gary (23), and his current points per game of 7.7 is higher than anything Gary did in his career. So, we’re approaching the point where we can say the sentence “Bryn Forbes is the best Forbes to ever play in the NBA” and have it be a truthful sentence. What a time to be alive.

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