Fred VanVleet Career High 22 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/11/2018)

The Raptors bench, led once again by Fred “Vleet of Voot” VanVleet regained tonight some of the mojo they had lost, and at the perfect time. Against the Cavaliers feat. LeBron James. On national TV. The Cavaliers ended up getting embarrassed on the strength of the Raptors’ reserves, with VanVleet just one of many who rubbed their sweaty nutsack all over Tyronn Lue.

Just like with Yogi Ferrell last year, a whole new audience now knows VanVleet’s name because of his sizzling shooting with everyone watching. 6 triples, probably not just an NBA high for him but a college, high school, and life high as well. I could feel the hate-waves of LeBron coming through my computer monitor with each successive splashdown. VanVleet did so good that I’m not even going to diss Rockford in this description. He’s earned it. 815 represent!!!!!!

It’s too early to say that this makes the Raptors the favorites in the East. Or is it? Maybe I can say it right now: the Raptors are favorites in the East. Whoa. Turns out you can just say that stuff and no one comes over and stops you. Let’s try something else:

LeBron James is a nutlicker.

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