Jaylen Brown 21 Points Full Highlights (1/11/2018)

The NBA keeps talking about wanting to put a team in Mexico City. I foresee a number of problems with that plan (DTB’s fun fact of the day: Mexico City is at a higher altitude than Denver), but I won’t go into that now. They have to think differently. Take a look at the NFL, for example. They do the same thing the NBA does; play an occasional regular-season game in London, ancestral home of the Londonians. Difference is, the NFL wants to put a team there.

Now, everyone knows that the NFL is the superior league to the NBA and will be forever and ever until the heat death of the universe or we all turn into beings of pure energy without corporeal form. So the NBA should be looking to copy the NFL at every opportunity. Like in this case. I’m doubtful whether Britainoids would go for American Football, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they’d go nuts for some primo NBA action. Have you watched the British basketball league, whatever they call it? It’s grim. Not even Joel Freeland could save that trainwreck.

This all doesn’t have much to do with Jaylen Brown, sorry.

Anyway, yeah, there’d have to be some frickin’ weird scheduling to make this work, and now that I think about it harder it’s actually a pretty stupid idea, so… whatever. Put a team in Seattle first.

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