Kosta Koufos 14 Points Full Highlights (1/11/2018)

Kosta Koufos is lucky I didn’t put “/1 Game-Losing Turnover” in the title of this video or everyone would’ve known straight up as soon as they saw the video that he lost the game for the Kings. Now they have to read all these words to find out that info, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about YouTube users, it’s that some of them really don’t like words. Words make them mad. They come to YouTube for pretty moving picture shows, not words.

If you ignore his big boner at the end of the game, he was pretty solid. He hit a good amount of shots for being Kosta Koufos, including a free-throw line floater in the traditional Koufos style. He’s not exactly what the Kings need right now, because he’s not getting any better and isn’t young anymore, so I can imagine him getting moved before the deadline. I know I say this about any center that has a pulse, but the Bucks could use him. And you know who I’m thinking would be the primary piece going back to the Kings? I bet you do. His name rhymes with “Ron Baker”.

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