Milos Teodosic 10 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (1/11/2018)

Milos Teodosic had eight assists in the first half of this game. A double-double seemed almost guaranteed. Instead, Milos was left one assist short, and while the Clippers did get the win, it’s the fans that are the real losers here, robbed as they were of a prime Serbian dubby-dubby. Here the people I blame for this situation:

1. Doc Rivers for not playing Teodosic 48 minutes per game
2. Montrezl Harrell for not finishing more passes from Teodosic in the second half
3. The people of Serbia for not waking up in the middle of the night and channeling their collective spiritual energy into Teodosic’s soul so he could perform better
4. Steve Ballmer for releasing that piece of crap Windows Server 2003
5. Lou Williams for having the ball to much, it’s like he thinks he just scored fifty or something
6. Milos Teodosic’s dad Miodrag for not warning his son that a beard like that can be itchy and distracting
7. Milos himself

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