Davis Bertans 18 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/13/2018)

A Davis Bertans three-ilation would be just about the wettest thing ever, I think. So many of his triples rip twine hard after soaring like 100 feet into the air. I was going to create such a video for last season before things beyond my control put a stop to it, but I plan to do it for real this year.

A dunkilation is not out of the question, but I think he has to pick it up a bit in that area before I really consider it.

Bertans had followed up his 28-point career night with a dismal 2-point outing, so it’s good to see him re-find his mojo by hitting 6 triples. He was aided by the fact that the Nuggets seemingly didn’t read the scouting report on him, or did but all the scouting report said was “David Bertrans: White”. Why were they sagging off of him? He’s not a real threat to do anything but bury you in threes at this point in his career.

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