Kris Dunn 18 Points/8 Assists/3 Blocks Full Highlights (1/13/2018)

I included Kris Dunn’s blocks in this video because the box-score led me to believe that Dunn blocked Reggie Bullock’s attempt at a game-tying layup as time expired. I now fully believe the NBA is rigged because there was no block there. Dunn contested the layup about as perfectly as he could have, but he didn’t ever contact the ball with his hand or with his penis or with any other part of his body. At best, he lightly tapped Bullock on the elbow. That was as close to a block as that play is gonna get.

I watched the slow-motion replay and it just confirmed what I saw in real time. So, Dunn’s two other blocks were cool (actually, only the second one was cool because the first one happened at a weird angle for the camera so you can’t tell what happened), but I feel like a peddler of falsehoods by including them. If I’m going to peddle falsehoods I might as well make up fake statlines for players so that more people watch my videos. How does “Kris Dunn 55 Points/14 Assists/12 Rebounds/8 Steals/3 Blocks Full Highlights/1 Game-Winner/1 Championship/1 Behind-the-Back Three-Point Alley Oop Pass to Zach Lavine” sound?

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