Spencer Dinwiddie 20 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (1/12/2018)

Spencer Dinwiddie perfectly executed the rare strategy of “miss your free throw so you can grab the rebound and get even more points out of it” at the end of tonight’s game against the Hawks. It was a risk, since his team was only up by a single point when he attempted it, but it worked out, he’s a triple-A clutch master while Dennis Schroder is a huge choker.

That final rebound gave him nine for the game, leaving him one short of a triple-double. Gotta watch some film on Westbrook to see how to statpad, man. With all the huge statlines he’s been putting up, a triple-double would’ve been the last one to really solidify him in the pantheon of good but not amazing NBA point guards. If he’s not already solidified, which I guess he might be.

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