Jarrett Jack 22 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (1/14/2018)

Jarrett Jack is feeling the heat. After the long overdue waivement of Ramon “Don’t Forget I Once Dropped 24 Dimes In a Single Game” Sessions, Jack’s only competition at the point guard spot was the inconsistent rookie Frank Ntilikina. Life was good. He was the veteran, providing a steady hand for the rest of the team without too much pressure to perform.

Enter Trey Burke.

Trey Burke is pissed. Pissed because he found himself out of the league after the conclusion of his rookie contract. Pissed because the Knicks signed him to a preseason deal then immediately waived him. Pissed because he thought he could average 40 in the D-League but is only averaging 26. He is so pissed that he is willing to literally kill people to get real NBA minutes again.

Jack knew he needed to step it up tonight. He knew that if he didn’t, there would be a homicidal maniac waiting to take his minutes. So he went out there and put up his best game of the season, 22 points featuring his patented midrange jumper, along with 8 assists. He’s not out of the woods yet, but his starter’s job is safe for now.

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