Jeff Teague 22 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (1/14/2018)

Spooky stat of the day: Both Jeff Teague and Jarrett Jack had statlines of 22 points and 8 assists last night. They were only separated by rebound totals; Jack had four, whereas Teague only had one because KAT was stealing his rebounds. Do you feel like this could be the beginning of an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

If you think that’s spooky, you might not want to read this upcoming sentence, which contains an even spookier factoid: according to basketball-reference, Teague and Jack had the same exact “game score” (which purports to calculate a player’s impact on the game by doing some wizardry with their box-score stats): 19.4. Two different players in two different games, with the same stats and the same Game Score. Somebody should post this to that reddit where everybody ironically gets spooked by lame stuff, except this isn’t lame stuff, this is REAL LIFE SPOOKINESS.

I am currently writing this description from underneath my bed because I’m too scared to come out. Side note: the underside of my bed seemed a lot more spacious when I was five years old.

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