Pat Connaughton 18 Points Full Highlights (1/14/2018)

Sorry about the thumbnail quality. It was the best I could do, when those schmucks at ESPN could only manage one shot of Pat Connaughton’s face way off in the background.

Another problem those schmucks at ESPN had: they only mentioned that he was drafted by the MLB’s Orioles ONE TIME during the whole broadcast. I’m fine with the Portland commentators not mentioning it because everyone there already knows, but for the national audience, they have to be informed. Repeatedly. Does ESPN want the NBA to not have more viewers? I know if I was normally a baseball fan and someone told me that an NBA player was also considered almost good enough for a professional baseball team to think about, I would start consuming at least 20 hours of NBA content per week. But only if I was told 10 times over the course of half an hour or so.

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