Josh Hart 16 Points Full Highlights (1/15/2018)

Josh “The Hulk” Hart (do the Lakers players really call him that? Ess Em Aitch) scored 26 points in a game earlier this year, which makes 16 points seem like 100% worthless sewer trash unworthy of a video. But I have reason to believe that Hart’s 26 points against the Rockets was one of the most aberrant statistical outliers of the season, so my decision to make a video for these 16 points isn’t as blatantly stupid as it appears at first glance.

I haven’t actually done any number-crunching because DownToBuck is not good at math, but I estimate that Hart scoring 26 points is equivalent to Steph Curry scoring 90. So it follows that Hart scoring 16 is about the same as Curry scoring 50. If I was in the business of making superstar highlights, fifty points from Curry would be at the very top of my list of videos to make, so why doesn’t Hart get the same treatment when he scores 16?

It isn’t because I have a visceral hatred of the Lakers and every player that is currently on their roster. It’s because Josh Hart is so low on the scrub totem pole that there are seventeen or whatever dudes ahead of him to get a video from last night. Even though he pretty much scored 50.

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