Kelly Olynyk 21 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (1/15/2018)

If you are wondering if this is a career-high in assists for Kelly Olynyk, yes it is. If you weren’t wondering that, it is as well. Doesn’t make a difference if you were wondering or not, he’s never gotten more assists than this in a single game and there’s a chance this record will stand forever.

Actually, now that I think about it, 8 has to be a weird number of assists for a bigman. Once they get up this high, they usually start spamming passes to get the triple-double. Olynyk ran out of time in this one to pad his stats further, and his 3 rebounds meant that he’d only be going for a double-double.

Second topic of conversation: there needs to be some sort of distinction between point-rebound double-doubles and point-assist double-doubles. The first one is easy to get if you are a semi-competent bigman who gets any sort of consistent minutes at all. The second one takes a lot of skill; even the best point guards are far from guaranteed 10 assists in a night. I don’t know how the distinction between these two types of double-doubles would be communicated, but that’s not my job. I come up with the ideas, and other people implement them. That’s how it works. I’m the ideas guy.

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