Wayne Ellington 20 Points Full Highlights (1/15/2018)

I love living in a world where Wayne “Beef W” Ellington has made more three-pointers than Steph Curry. True, Curry has played in thirteen fewer games, and, true, Curry will probably catch up at some point anyway, but just being able to say “Wayne Ellington is a better three-point shooter than Steph Curry” and technically not be lying is awesome. I say it at least three times a day. It’s actually my greeting when I answer phone calls now. That’s the kind of planet I want to live on.

What makes this planet even more awesome is that Ellington is not only shooting a high percentage on threes, but he’s doing it on high volume as well. Per-36 stats reveal to us that there are only a few rotation players who have a higher rate of three-point attempts than Ellington: C.J. Miles (chucker), Marreese Speights (chucker), Gerald Green (chucker), Steph Curry (MVP), Eric Gordon (chucker), and James Harden (flopper/MVP). Maybe there is hope for humanity after all.

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