Devin Harris 16 Points Full Highlights (1/16/2018)

Looking at the All-Star rosters from the year Devin Harris was in the All-Star game is a crazy trip. The 2008-09 season was almost a decade ago! Jameer Nelson and Mo Williams were somehow All-Stars in the East (worst All-Star point guard rotation of all time?), and Shaq, in his third-to-last season, was still All-Starry enough to get a berth even though he probably weighed around 400 pounds by that point. Brandon Roy, Chris Bosh, and Yao Ming are all there as well, but I don’t want to think about those guys, it just makes me sad.

Devin Harris probably won’t be making any more All-Star games, since he’s 34 years old, averaging around eight points per game, and not padding his stats on a historically bad team, but he can still be a decent scoring option off the Mavericks’ bench, which is great for somebody of his age. And I bet he could play for four more years at least, push the 40-years-old barrier like his pal Dirk did. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with watching forty-year-olds play in the NBA, but I am.

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