Evan Fournier Career High 32 Points Full Highlights (1/16/2018)

I could’ve sworn Evan Fournier scored more than this once upon a time. But I search “Evan Fournier career high” on YouTube, and it says 30. I guess that must be it, because I wouldn’t’ve ignored any higher total for him. As evidenced by this video. I’ve been ignoring Fournier for a lot of the season (20 points doesn’t cut it, my man), but I can’t ignore this one, the definitive scoring performance of his career.

He did his damage in two ways tonight: from the three-point area, and off of curl handoff things. Thibodeau was even yelling at his team what was going to happen, and they couldn’t stop those curls. Is this the new OP strategy in the NBA? Curl handoffs? Devs pls nerf.

This career-high night comes at a good time for both him and the Magic, but mostly the Magic, who were recently rumored to be looking to trade him. He’s one of the better players on the trade market, and I can think of a bunch of teams who could use his general scoring prowess. Even more now that he’s proven he can score 30 points against a Thibodeau-coached defense. Not that that means much when you’ve got Wiggins and KAT out there, but still. He cooked Jimmy Butler a few times, and we know that guy can defend.

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