Troy Daniels 18 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/16/2018)

I love it when expectations align perfectly with reality. When you tell me that Troy Daniels scored eighteen points, I assume that the following things are true:

1. He made six three-pointers
2. He did not make any free-throws or two-point field goals
3. He did most of his damage in the fourth quarter
4. He got, at most, zero assists and two rebounds
5. He is proud to own the three-point zone

Lo and behold, those things are all true of this video! He did have two inside-the-arc field goal attempts in this game, but missed both, so all of his points were a result of his love for the three-pointer. Sometimes Daniels’ defenders will stupidly foul him because they don’t know how to stop him; thankfully, that also was not an issue in this video. All things considered, it’s the perfect highlight video for the NBA player who is least likely to ever get a triple-double.

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