C.J. Miles 21 Points Full Highlights (1/17/2018)

I was doing some more research on C.J. Miles the Instagram model, not C.J. Miles the Toronto Raptor because he’s not nearly as pretty as she is, he basically looks like a goblin with several congenital birth defects compared to her for real, and I got to thinking about stuff. First thing I thought was “no way those tits are real”, the second thing I thought was “but maybe they are”, and the third thing was “why can’t DownToBuck be an Instagram model?”.

Being an internationally-known highlight mogul is great, but it doesn’t pay the bills. If I was an Instagram model, I’d be way more well known, dudes would be DMing creepy stuff all the time (that part would suck but I could deal), and I’d be making hella cash. Does Instagram pay you the money directly or do you have to get other people to give it to you once you’re Instagram-famous? My research hasn’t gone that deep, but it’s gone deep enough to where I know I can do this. I’m a good-looking guy, and that’s not just me saying that. My mom says it also.

All I have to do, I figure, is cover myself in baby oil, wear the skimpiest speedo I can find, (maybe put a cucumber in there for dramatic effect?????), stand under a showerhead, and stick my ass out so it looks like I have a serious back problem. Those people who have clamored over the years for a DTB face-reveal, well, let’s just say you’re gonna get a whole lot more than just my face.

I’ll keep making highlights though. Don’t think my dedication to the scrubs of the NBA is wavering. It’s not. It’s just that I want to move in a different direction when it comes to selling myself.

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