Enes Kanter 20 Points Full Highlights (1/17/2018)

I should’ve just stopped this video after the first quarter. Enes Kanter had 14 points in that period, was pretty much dominating all the weak little baby-men that were tasked with guarding his brute Turkish strength, and then he hit one more shot after that and none more in the second half. A Knicks fan who watched the whole game will know what the problem was with him, but as someone who only viewed this distilled highlight package, I’m wondering why he couldn’t have scored at least 25.

If it feels like I’ve been ignoring him this year, you’re probably right, but before you attack me with accusations of anti-Turk bias (which would be silly because look at all the frickin’ Ilyasova highlight I’ve made and, AND, I would totally make a vid for Asik scoring 10 if he could manage it), let me explain. Kanter is a good enough player where I can’t just do any old highlight vid of him. He has to score 20, straight up. I was lenient earlier in the season, but no longer. No 20, no vid. He’s only managed it a couple times this season, but that’s not my fault. I will not be blamed for having high standards.

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