Steven Adams 21 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (1/17/2018)

I’m going to list the statlines of the Thunder starters and you tell me who you think is the real MVP of the team and who is overrated bum trash:

-Paul “Lies to the People of Oklahoma About Liking it There” George: 13 points, 5 of 14 shooting.
-Russell “Statpadsell Chuckbrook” Westbrook: 19 points, 8 of 22 shooting.
-Carmelo “CarmISO Anthobrick”: 27 points, 10 of 15 shooting (ignore this one).
-Andre “Airball” Roberson: 4 points, 2 of 2 shooting.
-Steven “The Kiwi GOAT” Adams: 21 points, 10 of 12 shooting.

I’ll give you a hint: Adams is not the one who is overrated bum trash. He is the real MVP of the team. Don’t listen to the narrative that his “superstar” teammates have enough gravity on the court to give him easy looks and plentiful second-chance opportunities. He doesn’t need those guys. They are the true overrated bum trash. A core of Adams by himself in the West would make the playoffs easy since he wouldn’t have any ballhogs holding him back, but the OKC front office is too scared to make those trades because they falsely believe that ISO-mode chucking losers put butts in the seats. True facts.

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