Jeremy Lamb 18 Points Full Highlights (1/22/2018)

I sort of feel like Jeremy “Sleepy Eyes” Lamb is breaking out this year but nobody realizes or cares because the Hornets as a team are so uninspiring. I didn’t even fully realize it myself until I realized that I had no material ready for this description, so I pulled up Sleepy’s basketball-reference page and saw that he’s averaging fourteen points per game in only 25 minutes off the bench. Not only that, but the three-point shooting that had abandoned him in his first two years in Charlotte (I call it the “MKG Curse” because being around a guy who shoots like he’s having a seizure can’t be good for anybody’s shooting form) has returned, and he’s back to being a credible outside threat.

One day this dude will get a starter role on some team. It might even be this year, depending on how thoroughly the Hornets’ front office guts the roster in preparation for another rebuild. When the day arrives where this guy starts games and gets thirty minutes on a regular basis, I will be right there in the front row with my popcorn and my Hot Pockets, and I’ll tell everybody that will listen “I knew this dude could be a starter on a middling team in the NBA and score sixteen points per game.”

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