Alex Abrines 14 Points Full Highlights (2/2/2018)

I understand that the “start Alex Abrines” experiment didn’t go so well earlier in the season, but the Thunder won two out of the five games where he got the start, so it’s not like it was the most disastrous thing either. Now the Thunder have started Terrance Ferguson for the last four games, and guess what? That dude hasn’t even made a field goal in those four starts. Nearly sixty minutes of game time and he’s scored two points. Abrines scored two points in zero seconds in this game because the clock wasn’t running while he shot free throws.

The real problem, and this has been a problem for a long time in OKC, is that the Thunder don’t have enough guard talent to field a legitimate starting five most of the time. When Roberson went down everybody started crowing about how much better he makes the team and how underrated his defense is, but the fact of the matter is that the offense would be much more successful if they ever had a legitimately good offensive player at the shooting guard position.

Ferguson had that one good game and has done basically nothing since. Abrines has had a number of good games (and also his fair share of games where he does nothing). DTB’S OFFICIAL OPINION: start Abrines until you get tired of him sucking, then go back to starting Ferguson again until his suckage also becomes tiresome. It’s the cycle of suck.

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