Josh Richardson Career High 30 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (2/7/2018)

Attention Heat people: you need to keep these alternate jerseys for the rest of the season and also the rest of forever. I don’t want to see your old crappy Bulls-colored ripoffs anymore. They remind me too much of LeBron, and you know what? I bet they also remind YOU too much of LeBron. The choice is obvious. Don’t let these threads become a footnote in the colorful history of NBA jerseys. I don’t want people watching this video a decade from now thinking “wow i forgot how sick those Heat jerseys are too bad they immediately got rid of them in order to make people remember that they won a couple championships with LeBron”.

That’s right: I just implied that this is going to be the kind of video that future people are going to be watching on their future devices in ten years. Some of the other highlight vids that populate the YouTubes, maybe are going to languish in obscurity, but this one, this one is SICK. Its sickness cannot be ignored. Josh Richardson hit 7 threes, scored 30 points for the first time in his career, and basically made James Harden his bitch. Attention future people: don’t look up how many points Harden actually had in this one. My narrative is written, and it doesn’t want to be challenged.

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