Clint Capela 23 Points/25 Rebounds Full Highlights (2/9/2018)

It’s official: Clint Capela is officially part of an official “big three” in Houston. You know who the other two players are, James Harden and Chris Paul (you thought I was gonna put some funny names there didn’t you well sometimes DTB doesn’t take the low-hanging fruit), and Capela is third player. Together they comprise a “big three”. Officially. It’s so official because the Rockets commentators said it right there on the broadcast. It cannot be denied.

Apparently when all of the Rockets’ big three play in the same game their record is 25-1. This fact leads me to believe that they will win the championship this year. No jokes, no exaggeration. I am serious. With those three clicking, the Rockets are basically unstoppable. It becomes a lot dicier if one of them goes down, but as long as the person going down is Chris Paul, I think they still can do it.

Especially if Capela unleashes his inner 20-20 beast on a regular basis. This is his first 20-20 game of the season, which is weird to me, because it seemed so effortless for him out there. And he only needed 29 minutes for it. Let’s be real: who on the Warriors can stop this dude from dunking it all the time? Better hope for some sudden improvement from JaVale McGee.

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