Bobby Portis 19 Points Full Highlights (2/12/2018)

Bobby “Crazy Eyes” Portis is definitely not a shy shooter (he’s also not a shy puncher, but that joke’s been played out). For a guy who’s not usually viewed as a big-time scorer, he puts up a lot of shots. Maybe the narrative on him should change, because I just checked his per-36 stats (truly the best kind of stats), and he would average 21/11 if you played him 36 minutes a game. Unlike some players, whose stats would drop off with more minutes, I have no doubt that Portis would keep chucking up shots for the whole 36 minutes and not get tired of it. He’s like Dante Cunningham 3.0 with way more scoring aggression.

Now I’m feeling a profound kind of sadness because there’s no way that Portis can ever be the featured guy in Chicago. He won’t even be the second or third banana. Even though the Bulls suck this year, they have Markkanen, LaVine, and Dunn, who are all higher on the “we have to develop these guys” priority list. I can’t even tell if Portis is part of the long-term plan. All I know is I would definitely trade Thon Maker for him.

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