Joe Ingles 20 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (2/12/2018)

This was a seminal matchup between the Spurms and the Jizz. Ha! Get it! Seminal? Spurms? Jizz? HAHAHAHA! Wooooo!

I’m making a semen joke! LMAO! Bodily functions are funny!


Let’s get down to business (to defeat… the… damn, can’t remember the lyric). Joe “Patron of the Holy Spires” Ingles just put together one of his most complete games, if not the most complete, of his career. This video has it all. A dunk. A fight. Some threes. Some savvy pick-and-roll passes. Point guard Gobert. Midrange jumper-shooting Gobert. A layup. All that and more (but not much more) is included in two-and-a-half minutes of Jinglin’ that you are about to watch.

Oh, and the Jazz won their 10th straight. I don’t think they’re ever going to lose again.

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