Lauri Markkanen 21 Points Full Highlights (2/12/2018)

I think Lauri Markkanen’s arms are getting tired. The NBA season is long, the three-point line is way out there, and he’s shooting a ton of shots from back there. I think that was one of the deals with Porzingis; you could tell that he was getting fatigued in the armal area. It could be my eyes seeing what they want to see, or it could be the same with Markkanen, that he has weak pathetic unmanly spaghetti arms that can’t even propel a ball 25 feet through the air.

Good news for him is that he can just reach up and dunk basketballs without really trying. If my arms get tired, I automatically become useless on the court, like, there’s nothing I can do but run around as my limp arms flail randomly around me. Markkanen has SIZE. Size that he can, and will, use to his advantage. Like tonight. He scored 21 without making a three (scoring 21 without taking a three would be more impressive TBH), showing that he’s an all-around offensive threat. Or something.

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