Nikola Mirotic 21 Points Full Highlights (2/12/2018)

You people are going to have to give some compelling arguments if you want to see highlights of Emeka Okafor scoring 8. That fact that he took 4 years off of NBA basketball is not reason enough, nor is the fact that he is old as heck now (I swear I thought he was older than 35). I have standards, and this dude was ROY once upon a time.

If no compelling arguments can be made, which is what I suspect, you will have to be content with these highlights of Nikola Mirotic scoring 21. He hasn’t been quite as advertised since coming to New Orleans, but he’s grabbing a lot of boards and still looks confident so I’ll reserve judgment for now. The last three in this one, especially, was way too confident. The accepted strategy is to hold the ball for the last shot in that situation, I’m pretty sure. I’m no coach, but I think that’s how it works.

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