Omri Casspi 19 Points Full Highlights (2/12/2018)

It’s a rare day when I get to make highlights of a Warriors player, and it’s an even rarer day when I get to do so with the actual Warriors commentators. The Warriors are, obviously, a top-heavy team, and they are also a nationally-televised team. I think I’ve forgotten at several points this year what their home commentators actually sound like.

I remember now, and I think I wish I could forget again.

But they like Omri Casspi, and I like Omri Casspi, so it’s all good. I wish he would shoot more threes, remember when people thought he got snubbed for the three-point contest that one year with Sacramento? Now he doesn’t hardly shoot any. His form is really messed up, he dips that thing way low and then flings it from in front of his face (a much higher-arcing less-ridiculous Shawn Marion perhaps?), but he’s shown he can make it work in the past. I can’t believe he’d go to one of the three-chuckingest teams in the league and just stop shooting them.

He made one tonight, which was fun, and he also scored 19, which is even funner. That’s a season high for him, and it’s good to see him be productive given his messed up back. How messed up is it? More messed up than Steve Kerr’s? Either way, it sucks, because it seems like backs never really work right again once you’ve messed them up.

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